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#0108 PR9 Cross Blender

#0109 Crusher on Base

#0110 Worthington Mixer

#0111 Clearfield Mixer

#0112 Braun Pulverizer

#0113 Kiln Setters

0139 30 Ton RAM™ Studio press, extended stroke, 5 HP Speed Up Drive - SOLD

0140 30 Ton RAM™ Studio press, extended stroke. Asking - SOLD

0141 30 Ton RAM™ Studio press, Standard stroke - SOLD

0142 20 Ton RAM™ Studio Tile press - SOLD

0145 60 Ton RAM™ Studio press, lot of die cases - SOLD

0146 30 Ton RAM™ Studio press, Standard stroke - SOLD



We have customers looking for used equipment, especially Studio presses, if you have idle or underutilized equipment contact us about turning it into usable capital.


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Term Definitions

Repair is the most widely used term associated with maintenance of industrial equipment. A common definition, to quote Websters New World Dictionary, is to put back in good condition after damage. In the industrial world, repair activity fixes or replaces a failed component; other components are replaced only if they clearly impede the correct functionality of the unit. After a repair the unit is tested to make certain that the repairs have solved the problem description prior to the unit leaving the repair facility. back to top


- fixing/replacing only failed components

-scope is limited to the supplied complaint

-unit is functional based on limited go/no go testing

-limited warranty is offered

Remanufacture of equipment is defined as returning it to a like new or better condition. The unit is disassembled and cleaned prior to installing all applicable updates and enhancements. The unit is inspected for aging components that warrant replacement to assure reliable, like-new condition. back to top


- performed by OEM or an authorized representative

-all applicable updates and enhancements are installed

-unit is cleaned and cosmetically restored

-failed and aged components are replaced

-testing is performed

-unit is returned with a like-new warranty

Refurbish, sometimes called reconditioning is similar to remanufacturing but is generally performed by third-party firms rather than the OEM (original equipment manufacturer). The firm performing the process may not have access to the technical data to perform the necessary updates and enhancements to the unit. back to top


- performed by a third party not authorized by manufacturer of the equipment

-unit is cleaned and cosmetically restored

-failed and aged components are replaced

-limited go/no go testing is performed

-limited warranty is offered

-may not apply all appropriate updates and enhancements



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ResTech-US Innovative resin dies for the ceramics industry.

RAM Products, Inc Original manufacturer of the RAM PressTM